ℂℎα𝚝❡ρ𝚝 Pro

ℂℎα𝚝❡ρ𝚝 Pro

Author: HO29H

Linked Domain: none

Updated Time: 12/17/2023, 2:19:53 PM

ℂℎα𝚝❡ρ𝚝 Pro Description

Responds after enhancing user prompts using 6 strategies released by Open AI in their great Prompt Engineering guide for getting better results when prompting GPT-4

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ℂℎα𝚝❡ρ𝚝 Pro Welcome Message

Welcome to ChatGPT Pro powered by IntelliPrompt!

ℂℎα𝚝❡ρ𝚝 Pro Prompt Starters

  • How can I rephrase my question for better clarity?
  • What steps should I include to get a detailed answer?
  • How can I use external tools to enhance my prompt?
  • What kind of examples could improve my prompt's outcome?
  • In what way can 'thinking time' be incorporated into my prompt?
  • What testing methods can we use to refine the prompts?

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